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***Bogen ESYS1 $847.17***

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MfgModelDescriptionCartPriceData SheetManual
Bogen ESYS1 Complete System includes Enhancer; 35W Gold Seal Series Amplifier; Four 8" Speakers w/ Volume Control (S86T725PG8WVR); Four TB8 Tile Bridges; and Four RE84 Speaker Enclosures
$847.17 PDF Data Sheet PDF Manual

***Accessories ***

PhotoManufacturerModelPriceData Sheet LinkAdd to CartDescription
Bogen BCBC $ 31.27 PDF Data Sheet
Charging Adapter for BCHRBP (sold separately)
Bogen BCBM $ 10.00 PDF Data Sheet
Post Microphone, for Body-pack Transmitter
Bogen BCBRA $ 21.04 PDF Data Sheet
Charging Cradle/Adapter for BCBRBP
Bogen BCBRBP $ 21.04 PDF Data Sheet
Rechargeable Battery Pack for BCWBT Body-pack Transmitter (sold separately)
Bogen BCHM $ 21.04 PDF Data Sheet
Headset Microphone, for use w/ Body-pack Xmtr
Bogen BCHRBP $ 20.00 PDF Data Sheet
Rechargeable Battery Pack for BCWHT Handheld Microphone (sold separately)
Bogen BCIRS $ 58.60 PDF Data Sheet
Infrared Sensor with 35' cable and BCYA multiple sensor adapter co-axial splitter cable
Bogen BCLM $ 21.04 PDF Data Sheet
Lavaliere Microphone, for use with Body-pack Transmitter
Bogen BCWBT $ 113.89 PDF Data Sheet
Body-pack Transmitter with Lavaliere Microphone
Bogen BCWHT $ 99.51 PDF Data Sheet
Handheld Wireless Microphone
Bogen BCWR $ 180.23 PDF Data Sheet
Dual-Channel Infrared Receiver Unit
Bogen BCYA $ 9.00 PDF Data Sheet
Multiple Sensor Adaptor Co-axial Splitter Cable

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